District Officers

President e-mail: President
Secretary e-mail: Secretary
Ringing Master e-mail: RingingMaster
Bell Adviser e-mail: Bells
Diocesan Committee Rep. Stephen Burr
Treasurer/Membership Secretary e-mail: Treasurer
Education/Training Officer e-mail: Education
Practice Night Support Officer vacancy
Book Stall Officer e-mail: Books
Safeguarding Officer e-mail: Safeguarding
Webmaster e-mail: WebMaster
RATs representative e-mail: RATS
District Committee members Ian Hamilton, Louisa Egan, Andy Egan

A summary of the roles of the various members of the District committee is here.

A list of past District officers, from 1974 onwards, is here.

The District nominated as our Central Council representative in 2019 for 3 years.

The District nominated Ian Hamilton as our EDA Bell Fund Trustee in 2019 for 5 years.