Change Ringers' Resources Roger Bailey's page of links to almost anything to do with ringing; includes names and web pages
Discover Bell Ringing Information aimed at non-ringers
Central Council Rules and regulations, with links to various Committees
Central Council - Dove's Guide Online Find details of rings of bells
Central Council - Ringing Practice Toolkit A fascinating variety of ideas for teaching and practice
The Learning Curve Well-written articles by John Harrison, originally published in the Ringing World - and more
The Ringing World Weekly magazine about bell ringing
Ringing World - BellBoard Up-to-date listings of peals and quarter peals
Visual Method Archive Find the blue line for any method - by Adam Beer
Online Method Database Don Morrison's site to look up method by name or by place notation
Method Printer Martin Bright's excellent website, to print out methods in Diary, Blue Line or Grid form
Blueline - Methods Another way to look up blue lines
Felstead Peal Records Look up peals rung at any tower A searchable database of peals rung since 1985
PealBase Another peal database, by Andrew Craddock - registration required
Call Changes Collection of named changes, from Michael Williams' pages
Online Call Change Arranger By Ian Broster
A Bellringing Glossary Glossary of terms from Mark Banner
Glossary of Ringing Terms By John Harrison, from the Tower Handbook
NAGCR Pamphlet A good explanation of what ringing is about, for non-ringers
Mindinho-le-Tower, Newmarket Mini-ring of 10, built by the late Frank Price; great fun!
Mini-rings Directory by Michael Williams
John Taylor and Co. (Loughborough) Bell Foundry and museum
Whites of Appleton Church Bellhangers, responsible for several local projects recently
Nicholson Engineering Bellhangers
Bells of Whitechapel Handbells and other small bells
Ellis Ropes  
Mendip Ropemakers  
Avon Ropes  
Taylor Trophy The National 12-bell Striking Competition
Good Striking A guide written for the Amersham ringers, on the OUSCR website
Association of Ringing Teachers ART, organisers of the Learning The Ropes scheme - including their shop
Learning the Ropes Training scheme from ART, for both tower bells and handbells
Handbell Recordings Includes extracts from the record peals of London S. Royal and Treble Dodging Minor
Bell recordings - Michael Wilby Includes ringing on 16
Mathematics of Change Ringing A presentation aimed at Secondary School mathematicians, by Martin Bright
Phil's Bells Video about Phil Gay's ring of 8 in his garage
"A Safer Church" Safeguarding information from the Church of England
Safeguarding - Central Council Central Council Safeguarding information
Safeguarding - Ely Diocese Ely Diocesan guidelines on Safeguarding
Safeguarding - Ely DA Ely DA documents on Safeguarding
Tintinnalogia Tintinnalogia, or, the Art of Ringing by Richard Duckworth and Fabian Stedman
Veronese-style ringing More information from David Bagley's site
Ringing in Valencia Video on YouTube
Bell Ringing - The Inside Story YouTube video from ART
Ringing Stedman blindfold Video from Birmingham
The Craft of Bellringing 2006 documentary by George Perrin
Saxilby Simulator
Dumbbell Design By John Norris
Essex Ringing Course Annual course
Come and Try Bell-ringing Excellent promotional video on YouTube
Bell Ringing Films DVDs by George Perrin - The "Craft of Bellringing" and "Ropesight"
Plain Hunt Major - Lego Technic Built by Ander Holroyd
Slow-motion bellringing Video of a single bell being rung, showing the position of the bell
FunWithBells A new podcast featuring interviews with ringers
Expertees Ely DA branded clothing
Ringing Room For ringing with others over the internet
Handbell Manager Enables USB motion controllers to be used as dummy handbells with Abel or Beltower
Handbell Stadium 3D simulator for practising and performing change ringing on handbells
eBells Dummy handbells for use with change ringing simulators on PCs
Central Council Publications Pricelist for Central Council publications
John Longridge Books for sale, including Standard 90 and Quarter and Composition 500 series
Whiting Society Excellent range of publications from the Whiting Society
Steve Coleman books The Bellringer's Early Companion,The Bellringer's Bedside Companion, The Method Ringer's Companion and The Bob Caller's Companion
Sherbourne Teaching Aids For information about the late Pam Copson's "One Per Learner" booklets - and more - now from the Central Council
Yorkshire Association The Snowdon series of books, including Diagrams
ART (Association of Ringing Teachers) Instructional books and DVDs
Change-ringers Traditional e-mail list about bell-ringing
Ringing-chat Ringers' chat list, but not exclusively about ringing matters
Abel Ringing simulator for Windows PCs (also available as Mabel for Apple Mac) - £20
Mobel A version of Abel for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Handbell Manager To allow Abel to use motion controllers (also availabel from the site) to be used to simulate handbell ringing
Beltower Animated ringing on up to 16 bells - £30
Beltutor A cut-down version of Beltower, for learners - £2
Trident Peal and Composition Proving & Generation Software - £25
Method Writer by Theo van Soest
ERIL Elementary Ringing Language and composition search program
Towerbase Data base and record keeper for towers visited
RecordKeeper WinRK - Maintain records of your ringing
Virtual Belfry Ringing with moving bells, animated from real photographs
iAgrams App for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, to display methods
Methodology App for Android, to display and practise methods
Blue Line App for Android, to display methods
Quarter Peal Compositions Don Morrison's extensive collection
John Warboys' Compositions Includes a lot of Surprise Minor
Mark Banner's Collection Includes many touches from the Ringing World Diary, among others
Calling Touches More about touches and calling
Online Composition Database Wiki including touches, quarters and peals
Elf Mark Davies' on-line Half-lead Spliced Composing Engine - but also works for normal spliced or even a single method - NB needs a 32-bit browser with Java
The Best 1280 Quarter peal compositions for any Treble-Dodging Major method, by Stephen Beckingham
Composition Library CompLib - Lots of information about methods and compositions
Local Towers:  
Cambridge (Great St Mary's) Society of Cambridge Youths
Guilden Morden  
Trumpington Includes page about Kitty Willers
Cherry Hinton  
Ely Diocesan Association  
EDA - Ely District  
EDA - Huntingdon District  
EDA - Wisbech District  
Cambridge University Guild  
Essex Association  
Hertfordshire County Association  
Suffolk Guild  
Ladies Guild - Eastern District