Gipson Trophy Guidelines

Participating ringers should be representative of their tower either for Sunday Services or Practice nights. No ringer may ring for more than one team during the competition unless agreed beforehand. In the event of illness or meeting short, a team may co-opt a ringer (or ringers) with the consent of all concerned.

Fixtures will be made for Home and Away matches on a regular basis. It is expected that the fixture list will contain no more than one match a month.

Postponements are allowed on the understanding that the re-arranged fixture is completed, preferably, within one calendar month of the original date.

Home teams are hosts on their practice nights to their opposition. A toss of a coin will be made for the order in which the teams ring. It is expected that both teams will remain respectful during test pieces. Unless agreed beforehand, neither team will have a separate practice prior to the test piece, other than to check rope lengths, etc. The treble should be sounded for one whole pull to alert the judge(s) that the test piece is about to start.

The test pieces are to be judged by a neutral ringer or ringers. The judge’s decision is final. The home team is responsible for arranging the judge(s).

Two points are awarded for a ‘win’ and one point is awarded for a ‘draw’. If in the opinion of the judge(s), that the faults are within 10-15% of each other then a draw should be awarded.

The test pieces may be agreed in length by the Captains beforehand. Traditionally this is 120 changes of a method or the first 120 call changes following a very short practice.

Results are to be forwarded to the Competition Organiser by the Home Tower Captain to

Judges comments are to be made after the test pieces (usually at the end of the practice) and are to be considered, constructive and helpful.

The trophy will normally be presented at the Annual District Meeting.