Gipson Trophy

The aims of the Gipson Trophy are simple. It is a friendly get together between participating towers in the Cambridge District on a designated practice night culminating in a friendly head-to-head striking competition.

The idea is that it allows bands who normally struggle to ring advanced methods to come together and pool their resources, meet each other and socialise, get the opportunity to have a go at a striking event, give an impartial judge the chance to listen to two pieces of ringing and make constructive comments afterwards. Participating teams meet each other home and away during the year and the Trophy, which John Gipson made and presented to the District, will be awarded to the team scoring the most points. The winner of each head-to-head gets 2 points and both teams score one point for a draw.

Although the Trophy is described as a competition, it should be seen as a bit of fun, exactly how John Gipson would want it to be regarded, but it does bring bands together for their mutual benefit. This get together is aimed at fledgling bands, towers that struggle to maintain numbers and bands looking to make progress.

Program for 2024

Date Time Home Team Away Team Result
3 April 19:30 Linton Great Shelford Linton WIN
9 April 19:30 Cherry Hinton Little Shelford/Meldreth Cherry Hinton WIN
3 May 19:30 Little Shelford/Meldreth Linton Little Shelford/Meldreth WIN
13 May 19:45 Great Shelford Cherry Hinton POSTPONED
4 June 19:30 Cherry Hinton Linton POSTPONED
10 June 19:45 Great Shelford Little Shelford/Meldreth Little Shelford/Meldreth WIN
4 September 19:30 Linton Cherry Hinton
6 September 19:30 Little Shelford/Meldreth Great Shelford
30 September 19:45 Great Shelford Linton
4 October 19:30 Little Shelford/Meldreth Cherry Hinton
29 October 19:30 Cherry Hinton Great Shelford
30 October 19:30 Linton Little Shelford/Meldreth

Results to date

Tower Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Cherry Hinton 1 1 0 0 2
Great Shelford 2 0 0 2 0
Linton 2 1 0 1 2
Little Shelford/Meldreth 3 2 0 1 4
TOTAL 8/24

Results from previous years - Competition Guidelines