District Committee Roles

See section 11(c) of the Ely DA's Rules and section 4 of the Ely DA's Regulations.

The activities of the District are organised by a committee of volunteers who are elected annually by the members of the District at the Annual District Meeting.

The Ely DA's rules list five 'officers' that each District is required to elect; in addition, someone has to be appointed to collect membership fees. Districts are allowed to elect any other officers and ringing members that they consider necessary. All of these form the committee.

The Ely DA rules also require Districts to nominate a member as a Trustee of the Association Bell Restoration Fund every 5 years, and a member to serve as a representative to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers every 3 years. These nominations are subsequently ratified at the Association AGM.

The Five 'Statutory' Officers



The Secretary is automatically a member of the Association General Committee (see Rules section 9(a)).

Ringing Master

The Ringing Master is automatically a member of the Association Ringing sub-committee (see Regulations section 4(b)).

Bell Advisor

The Bell Advisor is automatically a member of the Association Bell Maintenance and Repair Sub-committee (see Regulations section 4(c)).

Association General Committee Representative

Currently the President is usually also elected as Association General Committee Representative.

Other Cambridge District Officers

Treasurer/Membership Secretary

Education/Training Officer

Practice Night Support Officer

Book Stall Officer

Safeguarding Officer


Recruitment and Training subcommittee (RATs) representative

Other Committee Members

Other ringing members of the District may elected as necessary either as officers or to fill general roles on the committee.

Other posts

Central Council Representative

See the Ely DA's Rules section 11(d).

Bell Restoration Fund Trustee

See the Ely DA's Rules section 7(b).