Cambridge District Webinars

Links to previous webinars on the District YouTube channel, with slides:

Saturday 20th June 2021 Made in St. Neots - Chris Pickford  
Thursday 6th May 2021 How to Build a Riger: The History of Wheatley - Ben White-Horne  
Thursday 25th March 2021 After the Pandemic - Roger Booth  
Friday 19th March 2021 Ringing in Australia - Deryn Griffiths  
Thursday 11th March 2021 The Ringing Robots - Graham Firman  
Thursday 28th January 2021 The Horrible Histories: Story of Bells and Bell Ringing - Tom Ridgman  
Thursday 14th January 2021 From Hats to Bikinis: A History of Ladies' Peals - Linda Garton  
Saturday 19th December 2020 Cambridge District Carol Service  
Thursday 3rd December 2020 Methodoku Mayhem - Mark Davies book
Thursday 19th November 2020 The Life of George Pipe - John Loveless book
Thursday 5th November 2020 Recording Bell-Ringing - Matt Thewsey slides
Thursday 22nd October 2020 Call Changes - Stephen Burr  
Thursday 6th August 2020 Change-ringing in 19th Century Cambridge - Gareth Davies  
Friday 3rd July 2020 Short practice night touches - Jonathan Agg  
Wednesday 24th June 2020 The St Clement's Project - Barry Johnson  
Friday 19th June 2020 41 Surprise Minor part 2 - Adrian Sweeting slides - here, here, here and here
Friday 12th June 2020 41 Surprise Minor part 1 - Adrian Sweeting slides - here and here
Thursday 4th June 2020 Introduction to Abel - Nikki Thomas and Simon Rudd  
Friday 29th May 2020 A Medley of Methods - Peter Hinton slides
Wednesday 20th May 2020 Zones and Pathways - Will Bosworth  
Friday 15th May 2020 Can I judge a striking competition? - Katie Town  
Thursday 7th May 2020 Change-ringing in 18th century Cambridge - Gareth Davies  
Tuesday 28th April 2020 A History of Ringing Simulators - David Bagley  
Tuesday 21st April 2020 Introduction to Composition - Mark Davies  
Friday 17th April 2020 Introduction to Conducting - David Pipe slides
Tuesday 14th April 2020 Care of Bells and Belfries - Tom Ridgman slides
Thursday 9th April 2020 Blue Lines - Stephen Burr - part 2 slides
Tuesday 7th April 2020 Blue Lines - Stephen Burr - part 1