Ringing in memory of Matthew J. Clark

Cambridge (Great St Mary), Saturday 10th January 2004
5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1. Alison L. Brooke
2. Gillian H. Knox
3. Rosemary H. K. Brooke
4. Jillian E. Galloway
5. Elizabeth A. Orme
6. Alan T. Winter
7. Robert B. S. Oakeshott
8. David C. Brown
9. Barry R. M. Johnson
10. Philip J. Earis
11. J. Robert Johnson (C)
12. Phillip M. Orme
First maximus - 3.
Circled tower - 6.

Cambridge (St Andrew the Great), Tuesday 13th January 2004
1260 Grandsire Triples
1. Chris Clare
2. Christine H. Northeast
3. Claire Y. Barlow
4. Frank H. King
5. David E. Coleman
6. Christopher M. P. Johnson
7. Peter D. Hinton (C)
8. Ian J. Wells

Meldreth (Holy Trinity), Saturday 17th January 2004
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
1. David E. Coleman
2. Kathleen M. Downs
3. Geoffrey S. Perryman
4. John G. Gipson
5. David J. Hawkins
6. J. Richard Hough
7. Andrew D. Downs
8. Maurice E. Downs (C)
First peal of surprise major as conductor.
25th peal on the bells 7.

Battersea, London, Tuesday 20th January 2004
1250 Glasgow Surprise Major
1. R. Cooles
2. Penny Sharpe
3. Ruth Simon
4. J. Ingham
5. P. Harrison
6. N. Simon (C)
7. S. Holden
8. J. Hawes
In memory of Matthew Clark, a former member of this, the "third Tuesday" band.

High Ercall, Shropshire, Friday 23rd January 2004
1280 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
1. Wendy Gough
2. Jad Bienek
3. David Gough
4. Adrian Roberts
5. Mark Owen
6. Andy Harris
7. Brian Kear
8. Nicholas Green (C)

Cambridge (St Bene't's), Sunday 25th January 2004
1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1. Jillian E. Galloway
2. Nik D. Baxter
3. Matt D. Dawson
4. Ben J. Willetts
5. Kate L. Langley
6. Jonathan D. Shanklin (C)

Bourn (St Helena & St Mary), Tuesday 27th January 2004
1280 Plain Bob Major
1. Elinor Cole
2. Peter D. Hinton
3. Norman Dawes
4. Claire L. J. Downs
5. John G. Gipson
6. Ian J. Munro
7. David E. Coleman
8. Andrew D. Downs (C)
First on 8 - 3.

Eaton Socon, Cambs, Saturday 31st January 2004
5056 Rutland Surprise Major
1. Penelope J. V. Sharpe
2. Ruth Simon
3. Catherine M. A. Lane
4. Simon R. Holden
5. N. David Lane
6. Nicholas W. H. Simon (C)
7. Peter W. Emery
8. Dennis A. Hewitt
In memory of Matthew Clark, who was to have rung in this peal.

Cambridge (Our Lady and the English Martyrs), Monday 2nd February 2004
1280 Bristol Surprise Major
1. Christine H. Northeast
2. Frank H. King
3. George M. Brown
4. Paul S. Seaman
5. Michael H. D. O'Callaghan
6. Richard A. Smith
7. Michael G. Purday (C)
8. Jonathan D. Shanklin
Rung prior to a Mass at which Matthew James Clark, a ringer at this Church, was specially remembered.

Kensington (St Mary Abbots), London, Saturday 7th February 2004
5003 Grandsire Caters
1. James W. Belshaw (C)
2. Janice E. Higgins
3. Janet E. Archibald
4. Ruth Simon
5. Gabriel E. Welsh
6. Nicholas W. H. Simon
7. Penelope J. V. Sharpe
8. Paul J. R. Daybell
9. Peter I. Harrison
10. Edward G. Mould
First peal - 3.
First on ten inside - 5.

Horsham, West Sussex, Saturday 14th February 2004
5007 Stedman Caters
1. Christine Gabitass
2. Elizabeth A. Hibbert
3. Simon J. Davies
4. Janice E. Higgins
5. David Holdridge
6. James W. Belshaw (C)
7. Edward G. Mould
8. C. Michael H. Brady
9. John E. Hawes
10. Robert A. Lewis

Cambridge (Our Lady and the English Martyrs), Thursday 2nd December 2004
5040 Stedman Triples
1. Philip A. B. Saddleton (C)
2. George Brown
3. Dennis A. Hewitt
4. Paul J. R. Daybell
5. David Holdridge
6. Peter W. Emery
7. Michael G. Purday
8. Richard A. Smith
Rung open in thanksgiving for the life of Matthew J. Clark, a former ringer and parishioner of this Church, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his birth. This peal was rung in the presence of Matthew's sister, Nancy Richardson. This peal also marks the 100th anniversary of the first peal and is the 50th peal on the bells.

Cambridge (Our Lady and the English Martyrs), Thursday 9th December 2004
1288 Middlesex Bob Triples
1. Christine Northeast
2. Frank King
3. Dee Smith
4. Alan Winter
5. James White
6. Andy Smith
7. Michael Purday (C)
8. Paul Seaman
Remembering Matthew Clark, who died a year ago. Amongst the many people who would have liked to ring for Matthew but were unable to take part in this quarter or in the peal on 2nd December are Patrick Brooke, Ian Davies, David Gilbert, Peter Hinton, Barry Johnson, Chris Johnson, Chris Muncey, Jonathan Shanklin and Marj Winter.