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Bells at Great Chishill being renervated and augmented.

Annual District Meeting 2022.

Becca Glazier - First quarter away from cover on tower bells Thriplow, 27 June.

Ely DA Ringing Recovery information.

Latest article in our Lockdown Learning series looks at drawing Graphs.

The book "Methodoku Mayhem" is available from the Ringing World shop.

John Loveless's new biography of George Pipe (1935-2020), is available here.

Becca Glazier - First quarter peal in hand Ringing Room, 19th April.

Very smart-looking dummy handbells are now available from

Royston bells have returned to the town.

A faculty for the St Clement's project has been granted.

Becca Glazier - First quarter away from cover - Ringing Room, 23rd January.

75th anniversary of VJ Day - Brinkley, Pampisford, Pampisford, Sawston and a quarter peal in hand at Six Mile Bottom.

75th anniversary of VE Day - Meldreth, Six Mile Bottom and Willingham, as well as the Ridgmans ringing Sixty on Thirds in hand, the Egans ringing handbells in Barrington and Meg Beford ringing a tower bell at Haslingfield.

Third anniversary of Felicity Webster's death - quarter peals at Trumpington (of Felicity Delight Major) and also at Fairwarp.

70th birthday of Alan Winter - peals at Great St Mary's and Northampton (Massachusetts); quarter peals at Mawson Road (here and here) and at Hitchin.

Death of Sarah Tasker - quarter peals at Great Shelford, Histon, Ridgewell, Great Wilbraham, Great Wilbraham, Melbourn and Fen Ditton and memorial ringing at Landbeach and Horningsea.

Death of Owen Preston - quarter peal at Trumpington.

Birth of Archie, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - quarter peals at Little Eversden and Great Wilbraham (by the Ladies Guild).

Engagement of Catriona Shearer and Jonathan Agg - quarter peals at Guildford and OLEM, and peals at Mawson Road and Great St Mary's.

Fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris - ringing at Barrington, Brinkley, Cambridge (St Edward), Cambridge (GSM), Cherry Hinton, Haslingfield, Little Eversden, Melbourn, Meldreth and Sawston.

Death of Tony Parry - quarter peals at Mawson Road, Stone, Peterborough, Deerhurst, Kalamazoo and Wisbech; peals at East Huntspill, Winlaton, Great Wilbraham and Meldreth.

Death of Chris Johnson - quarter peals at GSM , GSM again, Wonersh, Bluntisham and Lincoln; peals at GSM, GSM again, Mawson Road, St Neots and St Dunstan in the West.

Birth of Prince Louis, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - quarter peals at Cherry Hinton and Melbourn and a peal at Toft.

Wedding of Paul Seaman and Ann Smith, 7 April 2018 - peal of Shelford Surprise at Great Shelford; quarters at St Neots and Meldreth.

Death of Brenda Preston - quarter peals at Trumpington, Trumpington and London; peal at Trumpington; service ringing at Trumpington.

Anniversary of Felicity Webster's death - half-peal at Great Wilbraham; quarters at Trumpington (of Felicity Delight Major) and Meldreth.

Centenary of World War I, including ringing in memory of ringers who were killed.

Farewell compliments to John and Sue Binns - peals at GSM, Histon, Mawson Road and Meldreth; quarters at GSM, Great Wilbraham and Swaffham Bulbeck.

Death of John Gipson, 18 Jun 2017 - peals at Bushey, Meldreth, Bretton, Bardwell, Mawson Road, Godmanchester, Inworth, Bishop's Castle, Aspenden, Meldreth, Henlow, Melbourn, Great Longstone, Morville and Meldreth; quarters at Soham, Ticehurst, OLEM, Pettistree, Orwell, Meldreth, West Wratting, Trumpington, Pampisford, Little Shelford, St Ed's, Hilton and Meldreth.

Death of Felicity Webster, 5 Dec 2016 - peals at Mawson Road, Benington and Barton (by a band of past and present District officers); quarter peals at Mawson Road, Linton, St Edward's, Preston (Suffolk), OLEM, Ickleton, Somersham and Caxton, St Edward's again, Trumpington (naming a new method Felicity Delight Major), Laughton (East Sussex), Meldreth, Henham, Soham, Thriplow, Barton, St Edward's again, Great Wilbraham, Cherry Hinton, Mawson Road again, Willingham, Duxford (both by the Ladies Guild), St Bene't's, Saffron Walden, Little Eversden, Barrow (Suffolk), Thriplow, Lundy, Lundy again (both of Felicity Delight Major), Great Wilbraham, Hever, Fairwarp, Trumpington, Meldreth and Hilton (Dorset), as well as a touch at Histon.

Association Quarter Peal Event, Saturday 29th October 2016 - Oakington, Rampton, Stretham, Stretham REC and (on Sunday) Great St Mary's.

Diamond Wedding of Derek and Pamela Latchford - quarter peal at Swaffham Prior.

Marriage of Stephen Croxall and Katherine Crabtree, Saturday 30th July 2016 - quarter peals at Linton, Great St Mary's (in hand), Histon, Durham, Great St Mary's and Attenborough.

Official 90th birthday of the Queen - touches rung on the Tower Tour Challenge at Barton, Duxford, Foxton, Foxton, Orwell, Orwell, Thriplow, Toft and Whittlesford; quarter peals at Great Shelford, Great St Mary's, Barton, St Bene't's (by the CUG), St Edward's, Little Shelford, Meldreth, Cherry Hinton and Great St Mary's (by the CUG) and other ringing at Sawston and Linton.

95th birthday of Richard Howard, 10 June 2016 - quarter peal at Toft.

Death of Brian Threlfall, 3 June 2016 - peals at Meldreth, Bristol, Cambridge (Mawson Rd) and (in 2017) Great St Mary's; quarter peals at Bristol, Peterborough, Bottisham, Chedworth and Watermoor.

Death of Brian Horrell, 5 May 2016 - peals at Trumpington and Withycombe Raleigh; quarter peals at Withycombe Raleigh, Thorverton, West Raddon, Kewstoke, East Budleigh and Haslingfield.

90th birthday of the Queen - peal at Cherry Hinton; quarter peals at St Edward's, Great Shelford and Meldreth; a touch of Stedman at Great St Mary's, as well as other ringing at West Wratting and Pampisford.

Ringing in commemoration of World War 1

Marriage of Camilla Haggett and Jonathan Rhodes, Saturday 2nd April 2016 - quarter peals at Horringer, Histon and Great St Mary's.

Death of Derek Wright, February 2016 - quarter peals at Cherry Hinton and Trumpington.

Death of Joan Gipson, December 2015 - peals at Meldreth, Cambridge, Cambridge and Meldreth; quarter peals at Meldreth and Soham.

Association Quarter Peal Afternoon/Evening, Saturday 31st October 2016 - Brampton, Buckden, Cambridge (Mawson Rd), Fenstanton, Great Gransden, Hemingford Abbots, Hemingford Grey, Hilton, Houghton, Houghton (again), Little Eversden, Somersham, St Ives and Toft.

Death of Jean Mitchell, September 2015 - peal at Trumpington, quarter peals at Fulbourn and Bathwick.

Birth of Sarah Elizabeth Earis, September 2015 - peals at Great Shelford, St Bene't's, Guildford and Towcester; quarter peal at Histon.

Queen Elizabeth becoming the longest reigning monarch of this country, September 2015 - peal at Great Wilbraham; quarter peals at Trumpington, St Edward's, Great St Mary's and Cherry Hinton.

Birth of Matthew James Benedict Gorman, July 2015 - peals at Duxford, Great Wilbraham and Trumpington (and an earlier attempt at Trumpington), quarter peals at Durham and (for Matthew's baptism) at Great Wilbraham.

800th anniversary of Magna Carta, June 2015 - 800 at Great Wilbraham, 1215 at Trumpington and 1312 at Orwell.

70th anniversary of V.E. Day, May 2015 - St Edward's (firing and Plain Bob Minimus), Great Wilbraham (quarter of Plain Bob Minimus), Trumpington (quarter of Plain Bob Triples by the CUG), Great Shelford (quarter of Grandsire Triples), Little Shelford, Barton (quarter of Hull), Cherry Hinton (quarter of Wearmouth), Great Wilbraham (peal of Plain Bob Doubles), West Wratting, Toft (quarter of Surprise Minor) and Trumpington (quarter of 10-spliced).

Association Quarter Peal Afternoon, 29th November 2014 - Over, Haddenham, Wilburton, Stretham and Exning.

Centenary of the start of World War I, August 2014 - peal at Meldreth; quarter peals at Cherry Hinton, Chesterton and Linton.

John Gipson's 91st birthday, August 2014 - peal at Meldreth; quarter peals at Meldreth, Knaresborough (by the Cambridge University Guild) and Meldreth.

Ringing in the District in memory of Colin Johnson, November 2013 - peals at Great Wilbraham, Trumpington and OLEM; quarter peals at Melbourn, Meldreth, St Edward's and Fulbourn.

Association Quarter Peal Day, 14th September 2013 - Trumpington, Cherry Hinton, Little Shelford, Bottisham, Cherry Hinton again and Great Wilbraham.

Ringing in the District in memory of Rosemary Palmer, died 31st August 2013 - peals at OLEM, Mawson Road and Thriplow; quarter peals at Trumpington, OLEM and Orwell.

John Gipson's 90th birthday, August 2013 - peals at Bishopstoke, Privett, Bluntisham and Meldreth; quarter peals at Melbourn, Trumpington, Beetham, Cookham and Meldreth.

Birth and Baptism of HRH Prince George of Cambridge, July 2013 - Bottisham, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge (St Ed's), Meldreth, Meldreth, Duxford, Trumpington, Cambridge (Gt St Mary), Thriplow, Meldreth, Cambridge (Gt St Mary), Pampisford, Great Wilbraham, Little Shelford, Cherry Hinton and Cambridge (St Edward).

Ringing in memory of Geoff Pearson, died May 2013 - peals at Cherry Hinton, Meldreth, Sharnbrook and Meldreth again; quarter peals at Chesterton, Trumpington and Meldreth.

60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation, 2013 - peals at Cherry Hinton and Trumpington; quarter peals at Great St Mary's, St Bene't's, Trumpington, Cherry Hinton, Pampisford, Duxford, Orwell and Chesterton.

Association Quarter Peal Day, 29th September 2012 - Hemingford Abbots, St Ives, Hemingford Grey, Fenstanton, Houghton, Brampton, Great Gransden and Holywell.

Marriage of Dale Winter and Emily Russell, 20th July 2012 - peals at Fulbourn and St Bene't's; quarter peals at Chesterton, Montreal, Histon and Great St Mary's.

Ringing for the Olympics, 2012

Ringing for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 2012

Association Quarter Peal Day, 29th October 2011 - Burwell, Cottenham, Haddenham, Oakington, Over and Willingham

Ringing in memory of Mike Ellis, died May 2011 - quarters at Histon, Foxton, Hilton, Histon again, West Wratting, Orwell, Linton and Balsham; peal at Linton

Ringing for the Wedding of Prince William, 2011 - peals at Great St Mary's and Trumpington; quarter peals at Melbourn, Little Shelford, Bottisham, Cherry Hinton, Orwell, Great Shelford, Cambridge (St Ed's) and Chesterton; Sixty on Thirds at Great Wilbraham

Ringing in memory of Bill Ridgman, 2011

Association Quarter Peal Day, 13th November 2010 - Bottisham, Burwell, Cherry Hinton, Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Great Wilbraham, Histon, Swaffham Prior

John Gipson's 1500th peal at Meldreth, 5th July 2008

Ringing in memory of Peggy Stainer, 2007

Ringing in memory of Marion Perryman, 2007

Ringing in memory of Matthew Clark, 2004

Ringing in memory of Rob Lee, 2002

Ringing for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, 2002

District Quarter Peal "Day", December 2001

Ringing in memory of Wally Hunt, 2000

Archive of Quarter and Peal Congratulations