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There will be a course on Change Ringing at the Stretham Ringing Education Centre (REC), starting on Saturday 6th May. This will follow the syllabus of ART's Learning the Ropes Level 3. There will be ten 2-hour sessions, with the aim of being able to ring two quarter peals, dependent of course on individual progress. The course costs £20. For more information, see the poster and more information, and to book a place, contact .

Ely DA branded clothing is now available. Expertees of Huntingdon have set up a web shop for Ely DA garments, embroidered with the logo of the Association. Under the logo there is space for the name of your tower or District. At present, the available garments are: T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt and fleece jacket with sleeves or sleeveless, all in a range of colours.

Congratulations to Thystle's Champs, who lived up to their name in the quiz at the District Meeting at Fen Ditton on April 8th, following a fish-and-chips supper. Their prize was generous hamper of goodies. Meanwhile, the beautifully decorated wooden spoon went to the Whippersnappers. Thanks are due to Valerie Ridgman for supplying the entertaining questions and to Jackie Latham for being quizmaster. The other teams were the Ditton Dodgers, Matty G and the Wooden Tops.

There will be an ART Simulator Workshop at the Stretham Ringing Education Centre on Saturday 29th April, from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm. This one-day workshop is designed for people with limited or no knowledge of simulators who want to set up a system in their own tower. It explains the various sensor systems and software available, and their advantages and disadvantages, as well as troubleshooting common problems. For more information see here, and to book, email .

The Cambridge Youths band have qualified for the final of the National 12-bell striking contest, coming third in their eliminator at Sheffield on Saturday 25th March. Congratulations to them. The final will be on the new 12 at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 24th June 2017.

The latest ringing in memory of Felicity Webster has been two quarter peals of Felicity Delight Major (here and here) rung on Lundy Island. A peal was also rung at Barton on Sunday 5th February by a band of past and present District officers. Other ringing in her memory has included peals at Mawson Road and Benington and quarter peals at Mawson Road, Linton, St Edward's, Preston (Suffolk), OLEM, Ickleton, Somersham and Caxton, St Edward's again, Trumpington (where a new method was named after her), Laughton (East Sussex), Meldreth, Henham, Soham, Thriplow, Barton, St Edward's again, Great Wilbraham, Cherry Hinton, Mawson Road again, Willingham, Duxford (both by the Ladies Guild), St Bene't's, Saffron Walden, Little Eversden, Barrow (Suffolk) and Thriplow, as well as a touch at Histon.

There have been two notable performances of Norman Smith's well-known composition of 23-spliced Surprise Major in the District recently. Firstly at Trumpington on Saturday 4th March, when Greg Pearce and Jonathan Spencer rang their first 23-spliced. Then at Great St Mary's on Thursday 9th March, where Henry Pipe rang it as his first tower-bell peal as conductor. Congratulations to all three of them. The significance of the composition, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday (first rung at Bilsborrow in December 1966), is that it was the first "all-the-work" peal of 23-spliced. That means that during the peal, every ringer rings every place bell in each of the 23 Surprise Major methods, so there's a lot of learning - the blue lines are all here. And the method is changed at every lead too, so ringers need to be able to swap between the methods quickly. And why 23? Because that is the greatest number of Surprise Major methods that you can fit into an ordinary length peal. The record is 100-spliced all-the-work, which was rung at Loughborough Bell Foundry in 2005 (22400 changes in almost 11 hours).

Phillip George has reviewed and revised all the safeguarding documents on the Association website. He comments that he has not yet heard any more from the Diocese regarding the roll-out of new National Church procedures on safeguarding. If you have any further questions, Phillip will be happy to help.

Congratulations to Stephen Croxall and to Clare and Louise George on their 30th birthdays. These events were celebrated by a peal at Great St Mary's and a quarter peal at Trumpington.

Geoff Perryman does a fantastic job, single-handedly coordinating the Practice Night Support scheme, but his band of helpers is dwindling, which means that he can't cater for all the requests that he has from towers for help. So, please get in touch with him (C. 207790) if you can help, as your assistance is greatly appreciated by the towers. Even if you can only ring plain hunt, you can still make a difference, enabling bands to ring things that they otherwise wouldn't have enough people to so.


First Quarter

Tracy Boyt (at first attempt) - Great Wilbraham, 12th February
William Louth - St Clement Danes, 4th February

Quarter Peal footnotes

Ian Hamilton - First London Surprise Minor - Cherry Hinton, 22nd April
Toby Johnson - First Minor - Cambridge (St Bene't's), 14th April
Jenny Goodwin, Stephen Theobald - Most methods - Trumpington, 9th April
William Brooke - First Bristol Maximus - Cambridge (Great St Mary), 26th March
Alastair Simpson - First Surprise Major inside - Lundy Island, 16th March
Alastair Simpson - Most methods as conductor - Lundy Island, 15th March
Vanessa Webster - Most spliced Major - Lundy Island, 15th March
Jenny Goodwin - First Minor as conductor - Lundy Island, 13th March
Vanessa Webster - Most spliced Major - Lundy Island, 11th March
Jenny Goodwin - First Surprise Royal - Lundy Island, 11th March
Stephen Burr - First Royal as conductor - Lundy Island, 11th March
Jenny Goodwin & Stephen Burr - First Royal - Lundy Island, 11th March
Clare George - First inside on 8 - Lundy Island, 10th March
Catriona Shearer and Jonathan Spencer - First Bristol S Maximus - Cambridge (Great St Mary), 5th March
Sam Gorman - First 8-spliced as conductor - Trumpington, 26th February

Peal footnotes

Catriona Shearer - First on 10 - Cambridge (Mawson Road), 28th March
Graham Hall - 750th peal - Meldreth, 10th March
Henry Pipe - First tower-bell peal as conductor (Smith's 23) - Cambridge (Gt St Mary), 9th March
Greg Pearce, Jonathan Spencer - First 23-spliced Surprise Major - Trumpington, 4th March
Henry Pipe - 50th peal - Cambridge (Gt St Mary), 25th February

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