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The latest result in this year's Gipson Trophy striking competition is a home win for Little Shelford, but Linton are still top of the table, with a 100% record. This is a league competition, in which each of the five teams plays each other at home and away, the matches taking place on regular practice nights. The list of fixtures and results is here.

Congratulations to Madhu Davies of Great Wilbraham, who has achieved her Level 1 (Bell Handling) award in the Learning the Ropes scheme.

I'm very sorry to pass on news of the death of Owen Preston, a former ringer at Trumpington. A quarter peal was rung there in his memory.

District ringing for the birth of Archie, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has included quarter peals at Little Eversden and Great Wilbraham (by the Ladies Guild).

There has been much ringing to celebrate the engagement of Catriona Shearer and Jonathan Agg - quarter peals at Guildford and OLEM, and peals at Mawson Road and Great St Mary's. Congratulations to them both.

Greg Shields writes: "Please note that building works in the church at Cherry Hinton are starting on Monday 29th April and the bells will not be available for Sunday service ringing, Tuesday practices or visiting bands until mid-August at the earliest. In the meantime we hope to be holding Tuesday evening practices elsewhere - mostly at Barton and Great Wilbraham. Please see our website for the current list of practice towers."

Ringers in the District have been keen to support the call of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to ring on Maundy Thursday, to mark the dreadful fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Ringing took place at Barrington, Brinkley, Cambridge (St Edward), Cambridge (GSM), Cherry Hinton, Haslingfield, Little Eversden, Melbourn, Meldreth and Sawston. Please let me know of any other towers which rang.

  The District Quiz was held at Little Shelford on Saturday 13th April. After ringing, a wonderful array of food supplied by Winners was produced; not just fish and chips, but a wide range of options. Valerie had kindly written the quiz questions before going on holiday, leaving us in the capable hands of Shirley and Stephen, who ran proceedings most efficiently. There were eight rounds, as well as an on-going picture round. A lot of teams chose to play their Jokers on the Nursery Rhymes round, which proved a good choice, as absolutely everyone got full marks on that one. After an enjoyable and entertaining evening, the wooden spoon was awarded to the Saddlebacks, but the winners were the Local Heroes. They received a huge hamper, which thankfully was not entirely made up of chocolate, but also contained lots of fruit. As well as those named above, many thanks are also due to Greg for his help coordinating the event, and to the local bands for making us so welcome and supplying drinks and even cake.

This seems to be the year for 60th birthday congratulations. Shirley Warbrick was the first, in January, then we've had Nick Smith, Sue Marsden and George Unsworth. Now Ali Brooke joins the list; a peal was rung at Great St Mary's to mark the occasion. Many happy returns to all of them.

Congratulations to Philip Mead of Horningsea, who has achieved his Level 1 (Bell Handling) award in the Learning the Ropes scheme.

I'm very sorry to pass on news of the death of Tony Parry at the age of just 63. He originally learned to ring at Whittlesford, where he rang his first quarter peal in 1971. He was very active in the District for many years, before moving to Cornwall and, later, to Switzerland. Now we take the existence of BellBoard for granted, it's hard to grasp the ground-breaking nature of the Campanophile website that he set up and maintained. In his later years, Tony suffered from Motor Neuron Disease, which put a cruel stop to his ringing. Quarter peals have been rung in his memory at Mawson Road, Stone, Peterborough, Deerhurst, Kalamazoo and Wisbech, as well as peals at East Huntspill, Winlaton, Great Wilbraham and Meldreth.

The eliminators for this year's National 12-bell Striking Contest were held on Saturday 23rd March, with the test piece being a touch of 252 Stedman Cinques. Congratulations to the Great St Mary's team, who won their eliminator at Leeds by a convincing margin and so go on to the final at Exeter on Saturday 22nd June.

Richard Pargeter writes: "Please note that toilets are being installed at the base of the tower at Balsham, and a new ringing floor is being installed above them. Building work starts this week, and the last practice on the ground floor will be this coming Tuesday, 22 January."

Ely DA branded clothing is now available. Expertees of Huntingdon have set up a web shop for Ely DA garments, embroidered with the logo of the Association. Under the logo there is space for the name of your tower or District. At present, the available garments are: T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt and fleece jacket with sleeves or sleeveless, all in a range of colours.

Geoff Perryman does a fantastic job, single-handedly coordinating the Practice Night Support scheme, but his band of helpers is dwindling, which means that he can't cater for all the requests that he has from towers for help. So, please get in touch with him (C. 207790) if you can help, as your assistance is greatly appreciated by the towers. Even if you can only ring plain hunt, you can still make a difference, enabling bands to ring things that they otherwise wouldn't have enough people to so.


First Quarter Peal

Caroline Hough (at first attempt) - Cherry Hinton, 7th April
Thomas Green (at first attempt) - Trumpington, 6th April

Quarter Peal footnotes

Miles Bown - First Superlative - Trumpington, 12th May
Jo Farmer-Eynon - First Minor - Pampisford, 7th April

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