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It seems that the only ringing in the District to mark the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been quarter peals at Great Wilbraham and Trumpington. Please let me know of any other ringing that I may have missed.

The final of the National 12-bell Striking Competition will be held at Great St Mary's on Saturday 23rd June. This will be a chance to hear the finest ringers in the country battle it out for the Taylor Trophy. Teams from the Ancient Society of College Youths, Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Guildford, Leeds, Melbourne, St Paul's Cathedral and the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths qualified from the eliminators back in March and will join Cambridge in the final. The event will be organised by the Cambridge Youths, who will need as much help as possible from us, as stewards, bar staff, construction operatives and more. They have set up a website to give more information about the day, which also includes a section to volunteer your help. Please do so.

The next District 6-to-8 bell practice will be held at Ickleton on Saturday 26th May, from 10:30am-12:30. The practice is particularly aimed at ringers who are used to ringing on 6 bells but would like to progress to ringing on 8, so expect plenty of opportunities to do call changes or Plain Hunt. Other things will be rung, to attempt to cater for all needs. Please do come along to this friendly practice on beautiful bells.

The District 6-bell striking competition is fast approaching; it will be held at Balsham on Saturday 9th June, from 2 o'clock onwards. Last year we had a delightful afternoon in the sun as eleven teams competed for the Ludbrook Plate. Note that you can ring for any towers at which you regularly ring; I think our Ringing Master managed to ring for at least 3 teams last year! Or just come and be part of a scratch team on the day. It should be a fun afternoon, as well as being excellent practice. Please let know if your tower is planning to enter a team, so we have an idea of numbers for tea.

The latest result in the 2018 Gipson Trophy striking competition is a win for Great & Little Shelford. This year there are five teams in the competition; the others being Cherry Hinton, Chesterton & Fen Ditton, Histon and Linton, who were the winners in 2017. Each team plays each other team twice during the year, once at home and once away. The table of fixtures and results is here.

The Ely Diocesan Association AGM took place on Saturday 5th May, hosted by the Ely District. on Saturday 5th May this year. The programme began with the inter-District 8-bell striking competition at Swaffham Bulbeck. I'm delighted to say that the Cambridge District won the competition, ringing Grandsire (18 faults), followed by Huntingdon District (Grandsire, 24 faults) and Ely District (Cambridge, 44 faults). Huge thanks to our ringers on a great team effort - Jane and Alan Boyd, Pat and Mervyn Brown, Shirley and Jon Warbrick, Barry Johnson and Peter Hinton. The AGM was held at Reach later. Tom Ridgman stood down as Chairman (and earned himself a huge round of applause in honour of his years of service), to be replaced by Martin Kitson. Alban Forster was elected to the new post of Ringing Master. Alan Winter was thanked for his enormous amount of work as Vice Chairman, organising the 10-bell practices for 11 years, as well as the very successful annual handbell day.

On Saturday 2nd June, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, there will be a Ringing Remembers get-together at the Stretham Ringing Education Centre (REC), for new ringers who are planning to ring on 11th November 2018 and their teachers. You can compare notes with other Ringing Remembers new ringers and find out how Stretham REC can support your learning. You are then warmly invited to stay on for the Ely District meeting at Stretham and Landbeach. There is no charge for this event. More information from .

A service for the burial of the ashes of Brenda Preston will be held at Trumpington church on Wednesday 6th June at 2pm. This will be followed by tea and cake at The Orchard Tea Room, Grantchester; please could you let Cathy Hughes-D'Aeth know by or telephone (01844 279965) if you intend to go for tea.

Ringing in the District to mark the birth of Prince Louis, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has included quarter peals at Cherry Hinton and Melbourn and a peal at Toft.

The Fish & Chips and Quiz proved very popular and enjoyable again this year, held at Cherry Hinton on Saturday 14th April. After ringing in the afternoon, we tucked into the food, before forming into teams for the quiz. Valerie Ridgman was the quizmaster for the evening, with assistance from Tom, and ensured the smooth running of the event. After nine hard-fought rounds, the winners were Angus's Rejects, who won a fantastic hamper of goodies. Behind them came Friends of Jack, Lundy Luddites, Dead Ringers and, winning the beautiful wooden spoon, Steadymen Triples. Many thanks are due to Phil and Sam for their organisation, and to Val for the questions.

The latest ringing in memory of those who lost their lives in the First World War was a peal at Haslingfield on Monday 9th April, in memory of Private Edward Newling, who was killed on 9th April 1918. Details of previous ringing marking the centenary of World War I is here.

Best wishes to Paul Seaman and Ann Smith, who were married at Great Shelford on Saturday 7th April. Celebratory ringing has included a peal of Shelford Surprise at Great Shelford and quarters at St Neots and Meldreth. Earlier in the year, their engagement was marked by peals at Mawson Road and Meldreth and a quarter peal at Dordrecht.

There is now a web page devoted to the Association's plans for ringing to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, on 11th November. As well as detailing the national plans for the day, it describes the Association's plan to ring 100 rows (i.e. 100 blows from each bell) at as many of our towers as possible, during the weekend of the 10th/11th November. The focus of national ringing will be at 19:05 on 11th November, "Ringing Out for Peace". The Central Council website also has a page for Ringing Remembers, the plan to recruit 1400 new ringers this year, in memory of the 1400 ringers who lost their lives in the War, which includes downloadable posters (under the 'Resources' tab). A new Doubles variation has been named Armistice Doubles, rung in a quarter peal of 1400 changes at Birchington. The variation is Camelion Doubles with a That'll do Nicely Bob.

Ely DA branded clothing is now available. Expertees of Huntingdon have set up a web shop for Ely DA garments, embroidered with the logo of the Association. Under the logo there is space for the name of your tower or District. At present, the available garments are: T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt and fleece jacket with sleeves or sleeveless, all in a range of colours.

Geoff Perryman does a fantastic job, single-handedly coordinating the Practice Night Support scheme, but his band of helpers is dwindling, which means that he can't cater for all the requests that he has from towers for help. So, please get in touch with him (C. 207790) if you can help, as your assistance is greatly appreciated by the towers. Even if you can only ring plain hunt, you can still make a difference, enabling bands to ring things that they otherwise wouldn't have enough people to so.


First Peal

Peter Bailey (at first attempt) - Trumpington, 15th April

Quarter Peal footnotes

Louisa Egan - First away from cover - Melbourn, 29th April

Peal footnotes

Mike Purday - 900th peal - Haslingfield, 9th April

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