Practice Night Support Scheme

That merry group of bellringers - aka "Perrypeople" - each of whom about once a month visits a practice in need of assistance somewhere within the Cambridge District of the Ely Association, is proving to be a valuable asset to a number of bands which without assistance would find it very difficult to progress into Plain Hunt or Plain Bob. Since July 2002 some 40 established ringers have volunteered to help at six or seven practices in need and the results have in general been very encouraging. Indeed one tower progressed so dramatically that they actually said they no longer needed assistance! The towers currently receiving assistance are Balsham, Great Shelford, Great Wilbraham, Ickleton, Litlington and West Wratting.

Because Perrypeople are asked to make a tower visit only once a month on average, but each tower receives help at two to five practices every month, at least 40 ringers are needed to maintain the present level of assistance. However we are of course continually losing ringers through illness, holidays, business commitments and so on. It is consequently difficult to maintain sufficient numbers in the pool of ringers. So anybody reading this who would like to help and can ring Bob Minor reasonably steadily would be warmly welcomed - please contact Geoff Perryman on 0 1223 207790. It should be emphasised that there is no question of regular commitment and that every visit to a tower is made by an individual appointment and of course only when it is convenient.

If you are a tower captain in need of assistance at your practices you may contact Geoff to discuss the matter.