Non-specific Methods

The question "What would you like to ring?" is often met with a rather vague answer. "I Don't Mind", "Something Simple" or "Whatever You Want".

However, the person who says this may not realise that there are methods and variations with those names!

Here are some Minor methods:

I Don't Mind Whatever Something Easy Something Interesting Something Not Terribly Original

The Doubles ones are mostly variations, so you have to ring one method, with a particular call (or calls).

The variations in the first section are all based on Plain Bob Doubles, with an Astronomical Omit as the Bob. The Singles are, respectively, A Wallflower Single (All Saints Plain), an Antelope Single and a Pink's Single.

Name I Don't Mind Up To You Whatever You Want

The next group all use a Shatter Single as the call, with different base methods, respectively Callender, Montgomeryshire and Chevasse.

Name Something Simple Something Else Something Special

Then Almost Anything is St Osmund, with a Lichfield Single.

Name Almost Anything

The oldest method here is What You Please, which is a principle, given in the Campanalogia of 1677:

What You Please