In each of the standard 11 Minimus methods, the plain course is the extent on 4 bells, 24 changes, so no calls are required.

Plain Bob
Reverse Bob
Double Bob
Reverse Canterbury
Double Canterbury
St Nicholas
Reverse St Nicholas
Single Court
Reverse Court
Double Court

In Kent and Oxford Treble Bob, the plain course is two extents - each change comes once at handstroke and once at backstroke. Note that Kent and Oxford now comply with Central Council regulations, but classified as Blocks, rather than Methods. Here is a complete collection of Treble Bob Minimus methods. There is also some Treble Place Minimus methods.

In Bristol, the plain course is 96 changes, but due to the treble's path, some changes occur more than others. So this would not be accepted in a peal.

Grandsire Minimus is only two leads long, and need calls to get all the possible changes. Calling a Bob every lead gives a plain course of Single Court - the Bobs, as in Grandsire Minor, involve making 6 blows behind, while the two other working bells make 3rds. But longer touches can also be rung that are not simply a different method.

Erin is a principle, whose plain course is the extent.

There are also a number of variations of the above methods.