Treble Bob Major

Kent and Oxford both have the characteristic "slow work", doing seconds on the front until the treble comes back to dodge with you in 1-2. The rest of the method is almost entirely treble-bob hunting in 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8, but you don't dodge in 1-2, just lead. But in 3-4, as in Minor, your work depends on whether you are above (behind) or below (in front of) the treble. If you are above the treble or with her, you dodge in 3-4; otherwise make places. In Kent, these are 3rds and 4ths, or 4ths and 3rds, continuing on in the direction you were going. In Oxford, if you were coming in, you make 3rds and go back out; if you were going out, you make 4ths and go back in.

Little Treble Bob Major

In God Save The Queen, the treble only gets as far as seconds place, dodging 1-2 up, making seconds, then dodging 1-2 down. This method was first rung and named by a Cambridge University Guild band in 2002.