Ringing World, 1911

The Ringing World began publication in 1911.

Here are some references to ringing in the District that appear in that year.

The dedication of the Stapleford bells (newly augmented from 5 to 6) was reported, along with the first peal on the bells, rung by a band mostly from Royston.

Work was also undertaken at Great St Mary's, where the bells were rehung with the trebles recast. Interesting to see that the article also mentions a new chime of five bells from Caius' College. The quarter peal appears to predate the rehang.

The Ickleton ringers had an outing to the Ringers' Day at the Festival of Empire, held at Crystal Palace. I like the bit about the mail train being stopped specially for them to get off at Chesterford.

There are a couple of reports of EDA meetings. Note that at this time, the Ely Diocese extended to Bury St Edmunds. Even back then, they were concerned about falling numbers of members and peals! Foxton and Barrington also get mentions.

Other reports include performances at Chesterton, Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, OLEM, Sawston and Whittlesford.

I have mostly ignored the Cambridge University Guild, but, finally, here is an account of the first ever peal of Little Bob Major.